Artificial intelligence and trading: is it worth believing forecasts?

5 min readMar 27


Now there is no area in which artificial intelligence (AI) would not be used, and trading is one of the areas where it has begun to be actively used. Exchange trading requires huge and complex analytical forecasts and calculations, which must consider all the nuances of fluctuations in the exchange rates of various currencies. It is only sometimes possible for a trader to timely calculate the situation on the exchange market, and making a decision is necessary at any time of the day. Artificial intelligence helps solve many problems.

Introduction to the possibilities of AI

The main advantage of AI is the ability to create a strategy for trading, testing, eliminating unnecessary, etc. In addition, AI monitors trends in the exchange market for further development and use in transactions. AI is an analytical expert in trading, excluding human emotions that can prevent a trader from making the right decision or misjudging the situation in the stock market.

We list the main AI functions necessary for successful trading:

  • track news, social networks, and related websites;
  • quickly analyze market information and make decisions based on the analysis;
  • control the transformation of traders’ ways and then use them in their strategies.

A trader will only be able to apply some of the advantages of AI simultaneously because a person is not a machine with software. When using AI, the qualification of a trader is optional because AI is responsible for the entire complex of information processing, allowing even beginners in this area to have profits at the level of experienced traders. Such software for traders displays all the essential information: the amount of currency on the account, the list of transactions, and charts of currency fluctuations for the week, month, etc. Therefore, analyzing the effectiveness of transactions and the current state of stock market data is much easier.

It is much easier to make transactions knowing the fluctuations in the exchange rate of the traditional currency and the virtual currency that can be purchased on reliable platforms such as This platform is a decentralized Web 3.0 generation ecosystem that integrates a wide range of products, including token trading and NFT, a P2E game, a social network, and various innovative projects. At the moment, this Planetex is under active development, and it is likely that shortly, it will be a great competitor to other platforms.

Benefits of using AI

AI algorithms continuously analyze the market situation and conclude trade deals around the clock. Sometimes, the profit from the completed transaction can be significant, but this amount can be substantial due to their large number (high frequency of transactions). AI trading is automated 24/7. And the usefulness lies in the fact that it is possible to cryptocurrency track transactions made by the AI system and analyze the results, concluding yourself.

The use of AI software has several advantages for exchange trading in traditional currency and cryptocurrencies:

  • The trader’s qualification is not of great importance;
  • Operating mode round-the-clock and automated;
  • At any time of the day, you can track the transaction;
  • Continuous stock market analytics;
  • Manages financial assets (purses, vaults);
  • The best strategy is selected based on the analytical data of the stock exchange;
  • Displays online currency fluctuations.

If we compare AI with bots that require regular tuning, AI functions in isolation without requiring the intervention of a trader. Having automatically created a strategy, AI then tests it and, based on the results, decides whether to conclude a deal or not, and if so, on what conditions. Machine intelligence software is designed in such a way that it is similar to human analytical abilities. The use of AI in trading is a big step in IT technologies of a financial nature.

Artificial intelligence against the trader

The transactions that traders enter into comprise approximately 10% of the total trading volume. And in 2012, this percentage was several times higher, indicating that AI’s use in trading has increased significantly over the past 10 years. Using the AI system is practical and convenient for the investment business.

Let’s take a closer look at how the main functions of AI work.

Simultaneous execution of several tasks

Synchronous multitasking was initially built into the digital brain. An AI program can process enormous amounts of data in just a few minutes. Automated analytics occurs based on the crypto information received, and the machine decides on the transaction. In the same way, the applied strategies and models already used in the fund are analyzed in the stock exchange. And if AI finds the most successful method, then it uses it. A trader needs to cope with such a volume of information in a few minutes and then quickly analyze it all and make a profitable deal. Yes, and many internal moments in the trade market can be invisible to humans.

Transaction speed

The use of AI significantly increases the speed of trading operations. Nowadays, even a millisecond can make a big difference. For a broker or head of an investment company, there is no need to spend time on phone calls to clients because the whole process is automated around the clock.

Analytical conclusions further forecasts

Processing vast amounts of data collected from news, blogs, social networks, and other thematic platforms, AI can predict the price policy of currencies and stocks and track the actions of other traders. In addition, AI keeps track of all comments and feedback on a particular issue related to the stock market, thus forming user sentiment for a specific subject.

Ability to self-learn

Starting to work, AI will not initially work perfectly; it needs time to gain experience (like a person) and, based on the acquired skills, improve its abilities. AI can learn from its mistakes, thus improving its performance. Improving AI with experience is based on the data obtained and the analytical work of the results obtained when concluding transactions.

Summing up the use of artificial intelligence in trading

Traditional trading has been modernized over the past decade thanks to AI, which can replace human work in an automated 24/7 mode. Most traders believe that AI will soon be used in trading by 100%, facilitating human analytical work. Such a system is easy to use, and the results of its work and the exchange rate are available online. AI has fundamentally changed the trading policy, creating a new mechanism for the rational and cost-effective execution of transactions.




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