How does artificial intelligence affect the development of the crypto industry?

4 min readMar 22


Blockchain technology has revolutionized the financial world, showing that the modern banking system is outdated and that there is a worthy alternative today. Millions of people worldwide today are involved in the crypto industry, and their number will likely continue to grow.

Over the past few months, the world community has been actively discussing the breakthroughs that artificial intelligence is making. Already today, many experts say that AI will soon be able to replace several specialists and completely change our world beyond recognition.

But what will happen if we combine artificial intelligence and the crypto industry? How will this tandem work, and will such a merger be successful? Today we see that AI can radically change the crypto industry and bring it to a fundamentally new level. Today we want to discuss what problems of the crypto world can be solved with the help of artificial intelligence and what results we can see shortly.

Web 3.0 is the best example of effective interaction between blockchain and AI

First, let’s discuss an example of successful interaction between blockchain and artificial intelligence to demonstrate that their tandem can be very successful. A prime example of such interaction is Web 3.0. The latest internet successfully uses artificial intelligence to guess better human needs and blockchain to become decentralized, more secure, and accessible.

Another example is This decentralized ecosystem seeks to absorb as many innovative technologies as possible. Although their project is still in development, it already claims to be the most extensive ecosystem, including DEX crypto, P2E game, NFT, monitoring tool, and educational platform. It is assumed that crypto enthusiasts can find a maximum of useful functions and information here.

What problems can the crypto industry solve with the help of artificial intelligence?

The crypto industry has a lot of problems that have led to the emergence of crypto winter. Many experts say that the market will only be able to show sustainable growth once all these problems are resolved. Let’s see how the use of artificial intelligence can solve some problems.


The crypto industry values anonymity, which leads to the fact that a considerable number of attackers work here. In the last year alone, scammers have stolen approximately 2 trillion US dollars, and most likely, their owners will never receive their money again. It greatly undermines the level of confidence in the industry as a whole, and the increase in crime leads to a decrease in investment.

Artificial intelligence can track suspicious transactions and block them in time, quickly identify vulnerabilities, and fix them to make transactions and storage even more secure. AI can be a very effective tool in identifying fraudsters and building evidence of their atrocities, which can reduce the crime rate in this industry.

Risk Protection

Many believe that investing in the crypto industry is quite risky, and this is true. Government agencies do not regulate the cost of crypto assets. It is not tied to tangible assets (except for stablecoins), so its price can change dramatically quickly. For example, the maximum value of bitcoin was 68 thousand dollars, but after a few months, the market collapsed, and the price fell to 18 thousand dollars. It is easy to calculate how many whales were lost this fall.

Artificial intelligence helps to quickly calculate possible risks and decide if it notices a threat. For example, if the system detects that the value of an asset reaches a certain level, it immediately sells the investment, which helps you save money.


Previously, investors analyzed different projects to understand where to invest money. Today, there are already robust tools that can do the job for you. They can calculate the risks and analyze how much profit you can get.

Today, you can save your precious time, focus on more important things, and give detailed market analysis to artificial intelligence. Today it is evident that computer technology can work much better with large databases than with a person.

How can AI be used in the crypto industry?

Blockchain and artificial intelligence will go hand in hand in the future. Together they will solve such problems.

Sentiment Analysis

Artificial intelligence can collect information about different currencies (social media posts or news articles) and understand the general sentiment about this asset. So, it can highlight the most popular money, independently analyze the economical components and invite you to invest. So, you no longer need to monitor information on the network constantly; all this can be done for you by artificial intelligence.

Decentralized Autonomous Agents

If you’ve studied web3.0 features, you’ve probably heard of DAO, but you need to learn about DAA’s closest relative. These are coded programs that can make decisions automatically. Such tools can make quick decisions and keep an eye on your entire portfolio of crypto assets.

Unlike a team of analysts, such programs do not make mistakes due to human factors and are devoid of prejudice, which means they can make more informed decisions as quickly as possible.

Increase the level of security

Hackers are everywhere these days. Occasionally, we see reports of hacker attacks on banking institutions, e-wallets, and crypto exchanges. Artificial intelligence can maximize protection, instantly identify and block suspicious transactions, and identify and eliminate vulnerabilities.

In the end

Many experts today believe that combining blockchain and artificial intelligence can fundamentally change our world, making it more automated, secure, and decentralized. Today there is a situation where a few large corporations dictate the market trends on their terms. Still, very soon, we may see the fall of monopolies and the emergence of a more complimentary Internet and the financial industry.




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