How to start your crypto project?

5 min readMar 14, 2023

How to start your crypto project?

Recently, the Web 3.0 type of Internet has been gaining momentum, radically different from the previous Web 2.0 type. The main difference of the third model is the active use of blockchain technology. The user audience has realized that the blockchain is used to create a virtual currency based on smart contracts and is decentralized. Before you create a new project, you need to decide on the subject of creation.

Websites and applications with blockchain technology

To create a platform based on blockchain technology, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the website (or application), for example:

  • crypto storage;
  • decentralized crypto exchange;
  • crypto store;
  • decentralized social network, and many others.

Creating such a crypto platform requires many stages divided into sections. Each site is developed by its team of specialists.

Consider the list of tasks that need to be solved to create this website:

  • creating a plan;
  • logical development and creation of an economic model;
  • work on documentation;
  • business plan and marketing policy;
  • creation of interface models;
  • collection of content for uploading to the website;
  • creation of a website.

These are the critical points for the successful creation of a crypto platform. But remember that the last stage is also divided into the following tasks.

Software development

This area of work involves the creation of an Ethereum storage, the distribution of tokens on the blockchain, the inclusion of payment systems, and the compilation of financial logic. In addition, it will be necessary to develop a platform security system from external influences.

Market analysis

Before developing your project, you need to analyze the market in detail. Although the crypto market appeared relatively recently, today, there are sectors, for example, centralized crypto exchanges, which are already crowded. However, at the same time, there are areas where there is still an opportunity to develop and provide new services.

So, you need to determine who your target audience will be and what their real needs are. You also need to identify 10–15 competitors and understand how they work, the advantages and disadvantages, and what new features you can offer to compete.

Market analysis is a complex process that takes a lot of time and effort, so you can seek help from independent companies that provide such a service.

Project development

You need to think in advance about all aspects of the functioning of your project, from what services you plan to provide to financing. The more detailed you think through all the points, the easier it will be for you to bring the idea to life, and the better the result you will get.

This stage is the most responsible and usually takes the most time. You will need the help of various experts, including business analysts, economists, and others.

Attractive interface

To create a functional interface and an attractive design, you will need to involve specialists in design, presentations, and program graphics.

A significant role in the popularity of the web platform is played by the literacy of design solutions and the convenience of the available menu, which will attract most users.

Software development

To create a platform with full-fledged functionality based on blockchain technology, you will need development in several directions and a team leader.

It will only involve specialists in C, C ++, C #, and programmers in the Java and Python programming languages.

The creator team leader must be able to control the simultaneous development in several directions. That is, to have the ability to simultaneously coordinate a blockchain project in terms of software development, design, and promotion. Finding such an experienced specialist takes work and will require complete information from the customer about who is applying for this position.


Only a single Internet project is launched with testing in several stages. This process detects inaccuracies and errors in the platform’s functioning. First, independent testing of several software sections is carried out, and then the entire program. This approach ensures maximum reliability when starting the platform.


In addition to creating a new crypto platform, you must promote and advertise it for sale or to attract as many user audiences as possible. Marketing competition requires considerable financial costs and efforts from the platform’s creators or customers.

The demand for your website will directly depend on a well-thought-out marketing policy, which should consider the characteristics of existing competitors.

Distribution is possible through social networks, advertising, blogs, and forums. The more users learn about its existence and advantages compared to analogs, the more successfully your created crypto project will be sold or used.

Critical tasks that the blockchain comes with

The blockchain development process is complex, and you may encounter redistributed problems. Today we want to discuss the most important of them.


Blockchain developments provide complete anonymity during transactions with virtual currency. According to the previously established rules, using bank payment systems, both the amounts of transfers and the personal information of the parties involved (sender, recipient) were known.

Blockchain technology using smart contracts is excluded because the transfer of financial crypto assets is in no way tied to the participant’s data in the transaction. Many users have already appreciated the advantage of anonymity.

System safety and reliability

Security is ensured due to information safety in all parts of the chain, so it is impossible to delete or correct the entered data in such a system.

Continuous operation

Centralized systems could fail due to power failures or technical problems, and decentralization control operates continuously and can automatically change the scale due to changes in load.

Transparency of crypto transactions

Such a system ensures transparency of transactions through the use of smart contracts. It is a specialized cipher that fixes the terms of the transaction. Such transactions do not require intermediation with commission fees, as before.

An innovative transaction cannot be canceled — the transaction is carried out automatically.

Examples of a successful project

One of the brightest examples of a crypto platform with a blockchain system is Planetex. This platform is decentralized and uses Web3.0. The platform features a collection of tokens, an NFT marketplace, P2E games, and more. is a platform that is one of the first and largest decentralized ecosystems, uniting users with a wide range of products.

Other successful projects include:

  • Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange serving millions of users worldwide;
  • Axie Infinity is the most popular P2E game that has proven that you can easily make money on your passion for PC games;
  • Solcial is the largest social network.

When creating your crypto platform using blockchain technology, approach all crypto development sections highly, and your project will have a successful start.




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