When will P2E games have the same graphics and gameplay as Ready Player One?

5 min readMar 27, 2023

The gaming industry is developing at a tremendous pace. 10–15 years ago, we could not even imagine such a level of graphics and gameplay. In 2020, the film Ready Player One was released, which made a natural sensation among gamers; as a result, many began to wonder when they could play the same exciting games themselves. In parallel with the film’s release, a real revolution is taking place in the gaming industry because the P2E genre is starting to become famous. So, there is an opinion that the future lies with games in this genre, and today we want to tell you why.

A few words about Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a viral film directed by Steven Spielberg based on the book of the same name by Ernest Cline. It takes you to 2045, when the world is going through a significant economic and food crisis. Still, simultaneously, the gaming industry and the Internet have developed to such an extent that such a project as OASIS appeared — Ontological Anthropocentric Visual-Immersive Simulator — an online multiplayer game. Here people could completely immerse themselves in the gameplay and forget about their poverty.

In addition, before his death, one of the game’s creators laid three keys, and an Easter egg here; whoever can find them receives $ 500 billion and control over the OASIS. To receive a reward, players must go through exciting adventures and win all the battles.

Steven Spielberg admitted that this film is in the top 5 most difficult projects they have ever worked on. It has stunning graphics and a very elaborate story. Each viewer is immersed in this story and can enjoy gorgeous graphics.

A few words about P2E games

Blockchain games appeared in 2017, and in 2021, they began to enjoy great popularity. It allows NFTs to be used as heroes, weapons, land, and other assets. The point of this genre is that it gives users a real opportunity to earn real money if they are successful in this game.

Millions of players worldwide were waiting for the release of similar projects. Still, for a long time, all attempts to create such a product failed before the creators combined the gaming industry and the blockchain.

Modern P2E games are top-rated among crypto enthusiasts because they have great design and graphics and straightforward gameplay and have shown that it allows you to earn real money. Each game has its fundamental features.

All games in this genre work on computers or mobile devices but are not yet available on PlayStation. Of course, you can find a few exceptions, such as Chainmonsters, but they do not yet boast good graphics and addictive gameplay. However, many experts say that this situation may change shortly.

Examples of P2E games with beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay

We regularly see the release of new games in the P2E genre, each with its own characteristics. We highlighted the top 5 projects with the most beautiful visual effects.


It is one of the most successful attempts to create a decentralized world where people can live, buy real estate, improve, and work with NFT. The developers say this is a social project, the primary purpose of which is to see how players can interact. Of course, in terms of graphics, this has some work to do, but given the large capitalization, it is likely that shortly, we will see fundamentally new visual effects.


planetex.io is a sizeable decentralized ecosystem based on Web 3.0. It includes NFT collection, P2E game, DEX crypto, social network and crypto market monitoring tools, and educational projects. This ecosystem is currently under development, but we have released NFTs for sale that you can use in a P2E game. The creators plan to give the money earned from the sale to the development of the project.

The images and data we already see make it possible to say that this P2E game can compete with other projects thanks to good graphics and exciting gameplay.

Axie Infinity

It is one of the most popular P2E games. It was created in 2018 but gained popularity only a few years ago after a long journey of trial and error. At the center of the game are Axies — unique creatures with different abilities in the form of NFTs. Such animals fight in the arena to get more resources. The cost of NFTs depends on the creatures’ uniqueness and skills. You can improve and resell them for additional income.

This game has a large capitalization and a considerable number of fans worldwide. It gives hope that the graphics will be even better soon, and there will be new opportunities for earning.


This game is top-rated among those who love spectacular battles, beautiful graphics, and exciting gameplay. By fighting against rivals, you earn SKILL — an in-game token that can be exchanged for real money. Sometimes, you need to pay for participation in individual competitions, but if you win, you can make good money.


This game aims to create a new concept of Move-to-Earn. You can download this application to your smartphone, and it will record your activity and reward you with virtual tokens that you can spend on development.

However, this game has a gorgeous interface and mesmerizing visual effects.

What is the future of the gaming industry?

Many experts agree that the future lies with blockchain games. Because most of them work within a decentralized ecosystem, each player can build their unique world here and control the gameplay. It is assumed that games using artificial intelligence will be top-rated in the next 10 years and provide an opportunity to make good money. If things continue to develop at the same speed, then it is likely that Ergenst Klein, the author of Ready Player One, was able to predict the appearance of such a game.

Everything here depends on the developers and owners of such games. Now such projects are being developed by enthusiasts interested in developing the industry. Large corporations may take up the matter, the main goal of which will be to earn as much money as possible from the players. It can significantly alienate people and negatively affect the industry’s overall reputation. In this case, such a game may not appear as described in Ready Player One.




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