Where to look for promising NFT collections?

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The beginning of 2023 has become very promising for the crypto community. Bitcoin began to show at least a slow but steady growth for the first time in a long time. Some experts, albeit very cautiously, began to talk about the imminent end of the protracted crypto winter. It has led to an increase in interest in NFT collections. Today we want to discuss where you can look for them, how to choose a project to help you get rich, and what criteria to pay attention to.

Popular platforms for finding NFT collections

Today there are many NFT marketplaces — OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, and many others. However, they should be considered solely as an NFT store, where you can see all the available offers, but not all collections become successful. Of course, there are various ratings here, but even they do not guarantee success. In addition, such ratings offer you a list of well-known and popular NFTs whose value is already very high and is unlikely to grow further, which means you cannot make money on them.

That is why you must focus on finding a suitable NFT collection on various other platforms and social networks. We want to discuss which social networks crypto enthusiasts use to find a relevant project.


It is one of the most popular social networks, and highly optimistic about crypto assets. It was the first to allow the use of NFT avatars. It led to the popularization of this type of digital art and demonstrated that various crypto organizations could use it to achieve their goals.

Today, every organization that works in the crypto industry has a Twitter account where they publish news and talk about new products, promotions, and special offers. In addition, some collection creators offer special privileges to the community’s most active members, for example, giving away NFTs for advertising or making various sweepstakes. It allows you to draw as much attention as possible to the project.

Practice shows that the larger the audience on Twitter, the more likely the project will be successful.


It is another popular social network for building a community around the NFT collection. Usually, this platform is excellent for discussing various projects and luring attention from competitors to a new project. If Twitter is more entertaining and informational, Discord must create a dedicated fan zone.

Bitcoin talk

It is an analytical forum that brings together crypto enthusiasts. There is no entertainment content here, only facts. Here, various NFT collections publish information about themselves and talk about the project’s history, tokenomics, and other essential aspects of their work for a business person. Of course, everyone wants to highlight only the most positive aspects of their project, but here you can find much more information than on Twitter or Discord.

What services help you make a choice?

There are many NFT collections today, but everyone is looking for a unique product with no analogs on the market. So, several platforms check the uniqueness of NFTs.


It is a top-rated platform that ranks NFT collections by uniqueness. A relatively large pool of projects is under development, but the first examples of tokens are already. You can see the list of the most unusual projects, see images and go to pages on social networks.

If you are looking for new NFT projects that can be useful for you in terms of investment, then you need to ensure that the product you choose has passed the Rarity.Tools test.


It is a good analog of Rarity.Tools. This platform checks various NFT collections for uniqueness and highlights those projects that deserve attention. Many reviews say RaritySniper is easier to use than its main competitor because it has more straightforward navigation and rubrication. But in general, they have an almost identical principle of operation.

NFT Calendar

It is a platform where information about the release date of new NFT collections is posted. You can familiarize yourself with many projects and find out the exact date of their release on the marketplace. Sometimes this is very useful because tokens bought in the first days of sales cost more if the project is successful.

How to choose the most suitable project?

We regularly see messages about the release of new NFT collections, and many projects are currently in development, so it can be challenging to choose. The situation is complicated because many scammers are on the market who take the money invested by investors and declare bankruptcy or hide in an unknown direction.

In addition, it is worth it because only 1% of all collections become successful. The investor must have a unique flair and an excellent analytical mind to highlight the group bringing considerable income.

Today we want to give some tips on choosing the most suitable NFT collection and what you need to pay attention to in the first place.

Market analysis

To begin with, you need to analyze the market carefully and see which NFTs are popular today and which collections people are hunting for. You need to understand the trends in the crypto community, which will help you make a good forecast.

Art or functional NFT?

All non-fungible tokens can be divided into 1 large category — NFT collection art and functional tokens. In the first case, you get a beautiful image that you can store, resell, and put on an avatar on social networks.

Functional NFTs are a more valuable asset. The most popular today are NFTs in gamefi. Such images can be turned into characters, weapons, or other assets. You can also resell them on various marketplaces to earn additional income.

A prime example of such functional NFTs is the planetex.io collection. This company aims to create a considerable ecosystem, including non-fungible tokens, P2E games, decentralized social networks, and more. It has released an NFT collection for the game, which is currently in development. The money from the sale will be directed to the project’s development. Investing at this stage will allow you to support a team of enthusiasts and make a good profit when the project becomes successful.


When choosing a collection, many investors rely only on emotions and do not consider economic components. It usually turns into a big problem. So, you need to study the financial component of all parts carefully and understand how many tokens are included in the collection, their price, and the tools to achieve balance.

In the end

Interest in NFT collections remains consistently high. If you want to invest in this direction and buy tokens, you need to carefully analyze various projects and choose those that will be the most successful. When choosing, it is necessary to consider the risks and make a choice based not only on the emotional component but also on analytical data.




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